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If there is one attribute to which we attach the utmost importance it is quality. Quality is considered paramount at Ravi for manufacturing, testing and distribution of pharmaceutical products. Our commitment to implementing a robust quality management system is based on our determination to sustain a culture of operational excellence, meeting and exceeding the expectations of all our customers and regulators.

Our Quality Management Team ensures that every product manufactured and distributed by us complies with all accepted good practices and standards of quality, purity, efficacy and safety. To maintain quality standards, our plant has well defined procedures and systems in place in compliance with the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP )

Ravi Pharma has well trained personnel for quality control ensuring strict adherence to quality systems and procedures. We ensure that the latest updates in GMP are being translated into guidelines, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and protocols. Our team ensure that these guidelines are implemented to deliver quality products time after time.

Our unwavering commitment to quality goes beyond ourselves. We insist that our business partners comply with national and international regulatory and business standards which are in alignment with those of our own. Our own quality standards are constantly benchmarked against global best practices. This means that these are constantly upgraded to keep pace with the evolving dynamics of the global environment.

We remain committed to the highest levels of quality and will ensure that all our facility and office continue to meet the exemplary standards that are expected of a global pharmaceutical company.

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Welcome to Ravi Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
Established in the year 1980, Ravi Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is among the respected pharmaceutical companies in India for manufacturing of Finished Pharmaceutical Formulations like Injectables (Small volume parenterals & Dry powder), tablets, capsules and ophthalmic preparations.
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Ravi Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
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Phone : +91 8000 668898 / 99
Email : info@ravipharma.net